How to Participate in DocsThursday

DocsThursday is a monthly documentation party where you can contribute to your favorite open source documentation. If this sounds fun to you, you can participate on the 3rd Thursday of every month by following the three steps below.

Choose a Location

The requirements for participating in DocsThursday is fairly minimal. You need a computer, Internet, and a GitHub account.

DocsThursday is most fun when you can participate with others. We suggest getting together with co-workers for an hour, finding a local participating meetup, or even a Google Hangout with friends. Group participating can be fun, but you’re also welcome to join on your own as well. Whatever works best for you.

Pick a Project

Choose an open source documentation website that you’d like to contribute to. What this project may be is entirely up to you and your interests.

Does the company you work for have docs that you’ve always wanted to improve but didn’t have the time? Does your favorite open source project have docs that you’ve been itching to improve? Perhaps you’d like to help a friend with their docs or provide mentorship for new technical writers?

All of these and more are great ideas of what you can do on DocsThursday.

Submit Issues & PRs


Contributing to open source documentation can be done by finding the project’s code on GitHub, finding something to add, fix, or remove from within that project, and then opening a Pull Request on GitHub.

Creating PRs aren’t the only way to contribute. If there are existing PRs, pay attention to previous comments and tags. Some of those PRs could use a peer review, some could use help in testing a solution or copy, or some could be at risk of going stale and then a friendly reminder or show of support.

Then there are GitHub Issues. Not everyone has the time or know how to implement a fix. Sometimes you have both, but the fix would take a lot of work and you’d like to start a discussion first to make sure everyone agrees that it would be useful. Opening and responding to GitHub Issues are a great way to do these things. An Issue alerting the docs maintainers that a link is broken, something is misspelled, or that a particular paragraph is unclear can be extremely useful.

Bonus Step - Spread the word!

If you think DocsThursday is fun and useful, help us spread the word. Tweet about it with hashtag DocsThursday, link to, or blog about it. Share the fun.