Integrates Algolia into a Discourse forum.


Integrates Babble with Discourse.


Provides a blog-like front-end to Discourse.

Content Lockers plugin for Discourse

Lock your contents to increase user engagements.

Discourse AdSense

Google AdSense plugin for Discourse forum.

Discourse Advertising Plugin

It allows advertisements to be served by supported advertising platforms for users with a Discourse forum.

Discourse Affiliate

Official affiliation plugin for Discourse.

Discourse Akismet

Spam Sucks, Fight it with Akismet.

Discourse Algolia

Integrates Algolia into a Discourse forum.

Discourse Assign

Plugin for assigning users to a topic.

Discourse Atom Receiver

A hacky way to enable live reloading of CSS in the Atom editor when developing in Windows on a VM.

Discourse Auto Suspend

A plugin for Discourse which automatically suspends users after a defined period of inactivity.

Discourse Avatar name_first_letter

Adds the ability to use name_first_letter in site setting external system avatars url.

Discourse Awesome BBCodes

A Discourse Plugin to support nestable BBCode tags spawning across multiple paragraphs in your posts.

Discourse Azure Blob Storage

It allows storing uploads into the Azure Blob storage.

Discourse Backup Uploads To S3

Backup uploads with encryption to a bucket on S3.

Discourse Backups to Dropbox

Backups are useless unless they are off-site. This plugin sync your automatic backups on Dropbox.

Discourse BBCode

Official BBCode Discourse plugin.

Discourse BBCode Color

A Discourse Plugin to support BBCode color tags.

Discourse Blocks

A plugin that adds support for displaying d3 blocks in posts.

Discourse Cakeday

Show a birthday cake emoji beside the names of members on their join anniversary, or their actual birthday -- and a browsable directory of upcoming anniversaries / birthdays.

Discourse Canned Replies

Adds a means to insert templates from the composer.

Discourse Category Lockdown

Set all topics in a category to redirect, unless a member of specified groups.

Discourse Characters Required

Shows how many characters a user has to input before their post is long enough to go through.

Discourse Chat Integration

This plugin integrates Discourse with a number of external chatroom systems.

Discourse Chinese Localization Pack

More Chinese localization support for Discourse.

Discourse Custom Wizard

This plugin allows you to make custom wizards for your forum. Custom wizards can provide information, take user input and perform actions based on that input.

Discourse Data Explorer

This plugin allows admins to run SQL queries against the live Discourse database, including parameterized queries and formatting for several common column types.

Discourse Discord Sync

A Discourse plugin that runs a Discord bot to keep things synced between a Discourse forum and a Discord server.

Discourse Donations

A discourse plugin for accepting donations via Stripe.

Discourse Elections

This uses the Polls plugin as a base and adds controls and features specific to running elections.

Discourse Etiquette Plugin

This plugin flags toxic post by Google's Perspective API.

Discourse Events

This plugin allows you to associate datetime ranges with topics and list those topics in the chronological order of their datetime ranges. In other words, it lets you manage events in Discourse.

Discourse Fingerprint

A plugin that computes user fingerprints to help administrators combat internet trolls.

Discourse GitHub Linkback

This plugin will create a link from a GitBub pull request or commit back to a Discourse post where it is mentioned.

Discourse No Bump

A plugin to prevent users from bumping their own topics.

Discourse Site Report

Sends a monthly statistics report to the site administrators.

Discourse Subscriptions

The Discourse Subscriptions plugin allows you to set up a subscription based Discourse application.

Discourse Voting

Adds the ability for voting on a topic within a specified category in Discourse.

Discourse ZenDesk Plugin

Integrates ZenDesk into a Discourse forum.


Allows admins to create static pages in Discourse.


A reactions plugin for Discourse.

Who's Online

A plugin for Discourse which uses the messagebus to display a live list of active users

Yearly Review

Publishes an automated Year in Review topic.